Gina K. Designs Blog Hop: Love Conquers

Good morning! I’m so excited to be releasing another stamp set with Gina K. Designs! This set is called “Love Conquers”, and it features greetings about the importance and power of love. We all know what a crazy year this has been, and brotherly love can easily be forgotten amidst opinions and beliefs. I thought this set would be a good reminder to have love for one another. ❤️

This release really sprung up on me, and for the life of me I just couldn’t find real time to make any cards! I cheated a little to save time and chopped up old paintings to make these cards. Life hack! 😀

I made two tall cards out of a simple rainbow painting I made out of gouache a while back. I paired them with Blue Lagoon and Peach Bellini card stock and they matched perfectly!

I just love this script style! The greeting ‘lots of love’ could be use in a romantic way, familial way, or friendship way.

Here are a few more greetings from my new set. The ‘true friend loves at all times’ greeting is huge and can easily cover a card front.

This card was really fun. I had practiced loose watercolor flowers a while ago, and I hand cut them to make a little collage on this card. This was such a fun technique to do, and I totally recommend! The dimension is so fun.

Thanks for hopping along, and make sure to keep hopping by checking out Arjita’s blog post featuring her new set! ❤️


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  1. I hope you read what I said about your set on my house and how we can achieve world peace! Thank you for the wonderful greetings and I am loving your painting as backdrops! The tiny sequins are just lovely as rain for your rainbows!

  2. Wow! Your cards are all so amazing! I love that you incorporated one of your paintings to make cards. Great idea!! I’m in love with your flower card! The watercolored flowers, the texture, just beautiful!

  3. These sentiments are so appropriate right now.
    Thank you for designing this set and for the inspiration.
    The floral card is gorgeous!

  4. I love sentiment sets that have a hand-written look, as yours does Emily. These sentiments are so needed at this time, especially. Smart lady to use paintings you’d done for the backgrounds of your cards when you are pressed for time. I really like the look of dimension you have on the floral cards.

  5. I love the sentiments. ALL of them! The flowers behind the vellum text is perfect. Can’t wait to copy. Thanks♡

  6. Beautiful cards! I love the size of the sentiments and the gorgeous color combinations on all your cards!

  7. On my wish list…gotta wait for that money tree to start producing again!!

    WOWza! Holy Smokes! Awesome Sauce etc etc etc!! LOL LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your creativity and such wonderful inspiration in your project(s)!!

  8. I love love love the beautiful hand letting on this set. And your cards are all amazing – especially the last one here.

  9. Your color choices are magnificent. I really like the lighter shades used together. I’m such a fan of the Love Conquers set! Thank you for the inspiration pieces!

  10. I love these sentiments, the lettering is really great, I love all the new release products, the painting backgrounds really work, sometimes the simplest is the best

  11. I love these sentiments, the lettering is really great, the painting backgrounds really work, sometimes the simplest is the best

  12. Hi, Emily –
    Wow… I love your work. I really appreciate that the sentiment takes up the card front in some cases… less to plan and figure out that way. Pop the sentiment on a design / background and *poof* card is done. I liked the rainbow – esp since the colors are not exactly confectionary-standard rainbow hues and the vertically-striped one, esp the one that had “love never fails.” Congrats on your continued success!

  13. Really like this set. A bit of a colorful background, and the added sentiment fills the page with happiness. ‘Im one lost for layouts but this would help me jumpstart the process.

  14. This Love Conquers stamp set is absolutely stunning. Your last card is my favorite yet! I will have to try my hand at that. All of them are lovely cards and you didn’t cheat…you worked ahead and didn’t know it with the paintings :). Worked out perfectly!

  15. Dear Emily
    Love your cards as well as the lettering. I too started to craft as a hobby and today it is slowly turning into a job in addition to my journalist job. Blessings to you and your family.

  16. We all can certainly use more love and these sets are a perfect reminder. I believe encouragement cards are more important to send than any other occasion. Thanks!

  17. the rainbow stripes and rainbows are so wonderful. I love that the colors are a bit muted, you mostly see bright primary colors for rainbows.

  18. Oh my Emily!!! I can see why Gina latched onto you! I would love to watch you create! How about a YouTube channel? Your art is remarkable! Thank you for inspiring me 🙂

  19. That’s absolutely not cheating!! Such great artwork should never go to waste! Your beautiful sentiments are perfect to pair with items from the “unfinished object” bin 🙂

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