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Good morning, all! I’m up bright and early to bring to you some card making goodness. Okay, we all know this post was scheduled. But let’s pretend I’m up and functioning at eight in the morning. Having a baby who is teething and waking up every few hours in the night is tiring! But he’s so cute and huggable I don’t mind. ❤️

It’s blog hop time! Gina K. Designs just had a fabulous release, and my newest stamp set is part of it! This set is called ‘Just Because’, because it doesn’t have a clear theme. It features a lot of general greetings that are perfect for cards, and the lettering is done in a few different styles. I hope you love it as much as I do! I would love to know which of the greetings is your favorite! I love- “I sent a card instead of a text… Clearly I love you the most.” 🙂

I did a dip-dye look with some watercolor card stock after I heat embossed the lettering with Champagne embossing powder. This is seriously the best embossing powder ever!

This card is similar, but instead of dip-dye I painted stripes in green watercolor over watercolor card stock that I tore. The torn edges add character and detail to the card.

Clearly I have enjoyed using this Love Your Face greeting! It’s just such a good one, and nice and large. Also really into the stripes. More stripes up ahead.

Aren’t stripes just fun? And let’s be honest, super easy to paint. This kind of card is easy to create when you’re in a hurry. The stamp does the lettering for you, and anyone can paint some stripes.

I painted some simple loose florals (that ended up looking like poinsettias) around my ‘Sending hugs’ lettering. If I were to recreate this card, I would leave more space around the lettering so that it would read easier.

My favorite thing to paint after stripes is leaves. It is so relaxing!

This card’s lettering is easier to read because the leaves are not covering it. Note if you make this card- leave space for the lettering! 🙂

This tiny ‘hello’ or the circle ‘hi’ are a perfect center for a wreath! I used the Original Wreath Builder stamp set and Autumn stamp set to create this green wreath using Fresh Asparagus and Grass Green ink.

And to top it off, I made a card using Hannah’s absolutely gorgeous new set, Kindness Frame. These flowers are just breathtaking. No-line watercoloring is her specialty, and I’m glad I was able to attempt it with her beautiful set.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my set and the cards I’ve made with it! Up next in our hop is Hannah, and I can guarantee you she’ll have some beautiful watercolor samples. Make sure to comment for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Gina K. Designs!

Thanks for stopping by,

Emily ❤️

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    Your cards are absolutely stunning, just…WOW!!!!

    Thanks again for the blog hop and chance to win, I’d be over the moon if I won!!! 🤞😍


    1. Your cards and the lettering are just amazing. I am partial to watercoloring and learning so much. Thanks for your talents.

  2. I like the stripes…..we all strive to make our cards so unique that we forget the simplest of techniques. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Emily, these are awesome. I am a watercolorist so am especially attracted to your cards shown here. What watercolors do you like best? I have done paintings and torn the edges then attached them on top of mat board so I appreciate the torn edges. Will have to incorporate that into my card making venture.

  4. Love the dip dyed card! So clean and gorgeous! Thanks for sharing that and all your stripes and your tips!

  5. Lovely painted cards. Congratulations on your new sentiment stamp. Like you, my favorite is the “I sent a card instead of text.” Nowadays, it is more common, convenient and cheaper to send text messages or post in social media personal wishes to another person.This is a sentiment stamp that card makers can use to keep this old tradition alive.

  6. I love all the watercolor, absolutely amazing. With this stamp set you have created an amazing opportunity for those of us that cannot create the beauty on our own!

  7. Love all of the variations of the first card–colors, striping. The Kindness Frame card is so pretty. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I can only dream of making such beautiful cards! Thank you for sharing a bit of the techniques – I will have to practice a lot more!

  9. Lovely cards! So many beautiful stripes and leaves but I think my favorite card is the one you did no line coloring on using Hannah’s set. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Like all of these cards! I especially like the wreath that was made with the wreath builder system. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Such beautiful watercolored cards! I think my favorite sentiment is Thinking of You or Just Because. They are great for a no occasion card!

  12. Your cards inspire me to get out my watercolors and paint some flowers and foliage. I love the rough cut on the teal card.

  13. Gorgeous cards!! So many lovely ways to use them all!! I’m saving up to get the Just Because, Kindness Wreath, Wreath Maker & Woodland Whimsy(Praying I win the $50 GC)!! I enjoy Bible Journaling & I make cards for my church Care Team to send to people who are sick, lost a loved one or just need encouragement. Thank you for all the FANTASTIC IDEAS!! God Bless & the Love of Christ to you all!!

  14. Excited to see watercolors used. I’ve just started getting into it and love the idea of making your cardstock with it.

  15. Such deceptively simple cards that emphasize the sentiment and give the receiver a sense of calm. Thank you!

  16. You have hit the nail on the head with this set. Such awesome sayings. My favorites are the “I sent a card….” and the “I’m so glad you are my friend”. The cards are all spectacular and I love that you can take only a saying and make a great card with water color strips. And so quick and easy. My water colors come out today.

  17. I am blown away by your cards…I love the sentiments and the different fonts! I think my favorite sentiment from your set is LOVE YOUR FACE!!

  18. Thank you for this post. Watercolor botanicals are my favorites. So beautiful.
    This is my first time on your blog, and I’m so happy that I found it (through the Gina K website).

  19. Wow so many beautiful cards! The last one with the Kindness Frame is gorgeous, and I also love the different watercolor backgrounds paired with heat embossing.

  20. What lovely cards! You do amazing water coloring. Really like the first wreath with the greenery and hello. Thanks!

  21. Wow. You sure made a lot of cards and they look to quick and easy. Food for thought here. Thank you for sharing

  22. Love this stamp set! It’s one I can see using on a very regular basis. Your cards are beautiful, too.

  23. Your cards are gorgeous. I so love the Just Because sentiments. The lettering is beatiful and the words are perfect for so many occasions.

  24. All your cards are so beautiful Emily! I love this new stamp set too. So many appropriate sentiments for all the cards I’ve been making for my sister.

  25. Your “sending hugs” card with the smaller leaves is my favourite! But I also love how simple and versatile are the cards with the stripes…….any colours and widths + any sentiment, and it’s a great card design!

  26. I LOVE, LOVE your card made with the Kindness Frame! Your sentiment set “Just Because” is so versatile. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I love the sentiments and the lettering in this set, Emily. I love your simple cards with the stripes and the embossed sentiments.

  28. Emily,
    Your card display is lovely, the “Love you face” cards reminds me of the beach…so ready for Spring and Summer. Thanks for sharing, creating, and inspiring.

  29. Your artwork is admirable. You make it look so easy but I know it is well thought out. I like the ombre on that card also, and your greenery wreath is stunning.

  30. Your projects have such a modern vibe to them. So very pretty. Love the dip-dye look of your first card. Just wonderful!

  31. Fabulous cards! Love the stripes and flowers you created for your pretty backgrounds! Great sentiment set! Your Kindness Wreath card is lovely too!

  32. Your cards are gorgeous. Love the Just Because sentiments. The lettering is beautiful and the words are perfect for all occasions.

  33. I am sitting here at the endodontist, just wishing I could win! But also, I can’t wait to get home to try out the stripes idea on some cards…just can’t decide what sayings to use!

  34. Oh my goodness, your cards are amazing. I love the fact you actually paint your own leaves. I’m sure I would just end up with splodges of watercolor everywhere. This stamp set is so versatile. I love the ‘Sending hugs’ sentiment the best.

  35. Awesome cards, I love the stripes on your card especially the blue horizontal ones with the big sentiment on it. My favorite of the greetings is the “I sent a card instead of a text” as well. Cards are so much better to send!
    The colouring of Hannah’s gorgeous Kindness Frame stamp set is stunning!
    Thank you so much for sharing your awesome inspiration and have a wonderful day ( and long nights).

  36. Absolutely gorgeous cards! Love their simplicity and the sentiments are wonderful.
    Thanks so much for sharing

  37. Love your cards! I like how simple the backgrounds are on some of them. It really creates a nice center piece for the sentiments.

  38. What an array of cards that you’ve designed…colorful, eye-catching inspiring! I love the watercolor look so your backgrounds are fantastic!

  39. Fabulous new lettering stamp set! I love the cards you created and how you so beautifully showcased the lettering.

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